AminoDEX is the latest model of nutritional supplements from Yamamoto Nutrition. It is an innovative type of food supplement, with essential amino acids of vegetable origin obtained using the Kyowa fermentation method. [line 3]

Amino acids and their function

If we wanted to rate a basic food supplement to help muscle recovery and reconstruction, amino acids would undoubtedly score the highest marks, so much so that we found it imperative to include these „building blocks” – which are essential for synthesising new proteins – as part of Yamamoto Nutrition.

First, let’s consider what they do. Proteins are the most important nutrient for you to take post-workout to trigger recovery processes, and in „metabolic” and ready-made terms, the most ideal choice for the body at that time are the essential amino acids.

These are the ones that your body „looks for”, and „needs”, because they are ESSENTIAL for the synthesis of new proteins. Suffice it to say that a mere a 6 grams of essential amino acids can have a real effect on protein synthesis and we can use them for any of the objectives an athlete may want to pursue, from carbohydrate restricted diets to lose weight to introducing a lot of calories to build muscles. . „Plastic” activity takes place. And, as always, „hammering on” about recovery and on how to favour it, the undersigned once again looked for what could be a kind of amino acid excellence, the one that could be the ideal choice to get to muscles at delicate and complex times like during the ” Peri-workout”, and whether any nutrient exists with a correlated biochemical reaction conducive to the processes involved in muscle recovery.

Current panorama of proteins

There are already protein isolates from milk, protein hydrolysates from whey or casein, or essential amino acids, including the good old „bcaa”, all forms of proteins that can be absorbed quickly, like hydrolysates (pre-digested) for example, that everyone acknowledges the functions and effectiveness of. . By studying what could be the fastest and most effective forms to maximise amino acid bioavailability to muscles, here’s what I formulated: „AminoDEX”. But what’s so special about AminoDEX when compared to other products based on essential amino acids?

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Innovation brought by AminoDEX

First of all, its origins, because AminoDEX has been formulated with essential amino acids in the free form of vegetable origin (legume type) which is obtained from the characteristic Kyowa fermentation process, with the addition of Sustamine, another patented material from the great Japanese supplier of high quality raw materials.

The free-form amino acids obtained, have an interesting structure which is very similar to that the human skeletal muscle, and become bioavailable in a time that is faster, when compared to other forms of amino acids/proteins.

So, without engaging the digestive tract, they achieve intestinal absorption in a matter of minutes. And that’s not all! The other „strong point” and a very valuable one too, is that it has an absolute effect on nitrogen retention, amounting to practically using up 98/99%, with a drastic (almost zero) reduction in nitrogenous waste production, which protects the „filters” of the body (the liver and kidneys). Virtually all of the amino acid material is available for its „plastic” repairing functions. In addition, another effective rider you can add to the magnificent „8” essentials, is Sustamine, the dipeptide alanyl-l-glutamine, which has net absorption characteristics superior to L-glutamine for maximising cell hydration during and/or after training, and promotes the healing processes that trigger after training, and starting at the intestinal wall, even support the immune system.

  • dipeptide alanyl-l-glutamine
  • rapidly available amino acids, with 98-99% bio-availability, for
  • And before you recover, remember you have to get up first … before you achieve your objectives.

Therefore: rapidly available amino acids, with 98-99% bio-availability, for faster and more efficient recovery. And before you recover, remember you have to get up first … before you achieve your objectives.